Superior Tool & Manufacturing Company
We interweave manufacturing & quality

Quality Assurance

The importance of quality assurance and quality control is of utmost concern at Superior Tool & Manufacturing Company.

From the time we receive your print and request for quotation, we begin reviewing the requirements, dimensions, tolerance, and finishes specified on each part. If and when there are concerns we will address them early on. If there are opportunities to improve on part design and quality or ways to improve manufacturability we will collaborate with your design staff to see if improvements can be implemented. Only after review and careful consideration will we begin production of your parts.

Manufacturing and quality are interwoven, each connected to each other.

We maintain a quality control system to control our operations and to govern our operation procedures pursuant to MIL Spec standards.

We utilize incoming inspection to control material and purchased items before it gets into the system; in - process inspection to control production and to avoid errors, and out of control tolerance stacking; and final inspection before the parts is shipped.

We strive to continuously improve our business. By using performance measurements and reviewing results we are able to implement corrective and preventative action to improve the process and also ourselves.

At our customer's request, material certification and certificates of compliance are provided. Be certain to request these during the bidding process so we can collect them from our material suppliers.